Friday, 6 September 2013


Being laid up and not being able to get out and about is a real pain, in this case quite literally. Not being the world's greatest patient, generally because when it comes to not getting on with stuff, I have no patience, I need some help. A little something to keep the boredom at bay that doesn't include endless daytime TV would be great, but I can't complete any serious painting, so what do I do? The talented and lovely Dianne Sutherland has recently come up with a cracking idea that will keep me happily painting whilst not putting on too much pressure to get something big finished. I love you Dianne!
So, here's the idea. You may have heard of the 30 Leaves in 30 Days project, or even had a go at that one yourself. Well, Mindy Lighthipe came up with that challenge and although I gave it my best shot, couldn't quite manage it and got to 27, which isn't too bad. This time Dianne is challenging herself, and anyone else up for it, to paint 30 found, natural objects in 30 days. Already underway for September, Dianne has started with a gorgeous little maple seed and looks set on her way to stick with it.

Some of the Autumn leaves planned for the original
30 Leaves in 30 Days Challenge 

And how the 27 completed leaves came together.
I will get round to finishing it.
Unfortunately, as I can't get about very far, I have roped 'Husband' in for a little help. Things from the garden will start me off but I have also asked him to see if he can spot any likely candidates around where he works. Lots of trees, shrubs and open areas (he even spots deer from time to time, lucky thing) at Autumn time should offer a few nice surprises.  
An earlier sketchbook piece.
Really hoping to find some more of these,
so I can give them the full botanical treatment.



Diana said...

love her idea about found objects, it could be a tube of lipstick, nail...anything!! Hope you are feeling much better soon. love to you,Diana

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ha, ha yes that would be great, but sticking with the natural subjects for this one. So, expect berries, seed heads and cones.