Tuesday, 3 September 2013

To Quote Bob Dylan...

"...Times, they are a changing." They certainly are, and it's always nice to quote an old classic. As the season moves into Autumn, nature is starting to draw towards it's winter slumber, but not here at Squirrel HQ. There is much excitement over new opportunities and ventures, and 2014 is already looking like it will be a busy and rewarding time.  
The colours of late summer.
Dahlias always put on a good show into Autumn.

With temperatures of 20 odd degrees already this week,
it's no wonder my hydrangea gave up early this year.
The berries on the honeysuckle are pretty though.
Just a few days ago I had a meeting that heralded the start of my one-day botanical painting workshops. Having done a few of these with a couple of students at my home studio, it was lovely to be given the opportunity to branch out into a dedicated arts centre. The Spring in Havant, Hampshire is one of those great little places that looks like it has taken hold of an old building and given it a hip replacement! With a healthy programme of shows, arts, theatre, exhibitions and it's own museum and a cafĂ© selling lovely cake, there is loads of appeal. With all that going on, I am really chuffed to have been invited to bring my taster days to this bustling community and for me, it will also be nice to, 'get back into the teaching harness' once more. Oh, and then there's the cake.
Elsewhere, the bramble leaves have got their first coat on, but there are a few washes to go before the fine detail can really bring them to life. At this early stage, it always looks a bit un-promising, but building up the colour and detail, gradually turns my ugly ducklings into little swans, (albeit with a few unique 'characteristics').
Indanthrene Blue, Aureolin, Cerulean and Lemon Yellow
make the early green washes.
These mixes will be 'beefed up' for the later washes and details
Adding some of the pinks and neutrals from the flowers
helps make the shadows and darker shades.  

The very pale first wash, often called a 'tea wash' sets the
tone for the rest of the leaf.
Set against the nearly finished flowers and buds,
it's a stark contrast.
The Sennelier Grey used for the letter will go on last.  
Along with the SBA exhibition and other, 'take the plunge' ideas, I have also been invited to participate in a truly unique and exciting collaborative project that will see me through the next couple of years. It's all a bit embryonic just now but hopefully I will be able to reveal all very soon. 
On a slightly more personal note, I may not be around for a bit as once again the surgeon's diary found a little spot for me.    

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Hedera said...

All sounds very exciting Jarnie - congratulations on the new teaching opportunity. I'm sure your students will have loads of fun as well as learning new skills. Very best wishes re. surgeon's diary.