Monday, 7 October 2013


Well, it's one week on since the new website launch, and I have been so delighted to see how many people have visited and clicked happily away. Thank you to everyone has made Squirrel's first few days such a success, I know a good few of you have been by, so a pat on the back and many thanks all round.

Work continues at pace, as I am really keen to get this one finished and get started with something else. The last lot of leaves are nearly there and then just the stems and letter to go. My grumbles and doubts over the grey are still there but this is always going to be the issue when you yourself are not in control of the requirements. It's something to consider when taking on commissions or specific group projects where specific colours or subjects that you yourself would not choose to do, or even like. This one has been enjoyable as so many of the artists taking part I also call friends, and we all want to see how each other get on and be supportive of our efforts. It's lovely to have such camaraderie.

The last of the leaves.
The over-wash of Transparent Yellow and Indanthrene Blue
gives zing to those greens.

Elsewhere, I have been making progress in my latest venture to get some more applications for my designs. There is still a lot to finish off, so I am sure you will forgive me for not revealing too much. It's not tactics, just nerves I guess, I hate tempting fate, (although I am not superstitious at all, silly isn't it). Ah well, all in good time. Also, some more of my little Kanzashi accessories are ready to go to the Rum's Eg Gallery as they have been selling really well over the last few months, and I also have some interest from other outlets.   

A bountiful bouquet.
Some of these have the addition of little trinket.
Found objects such as odd earrings and broken necklaces
are great sources for recyclable whatnots.
Find the latest blooms via the website

And to finish? A luggage label.
Also available for sale at
Open House Art


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Janene said...

Your posies are so pretty!