Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fallen Apples and Cream (or Paint)?

Ta-Dah! The bramble is finally finished, grey letter and all. Yesterday, the final touches and grey were applied to this epic Alphabet piece, and I was quite relieved when that brush was put down for the last time. As you know, this one has been a bit of an ordeal, not least because it was the first one I attempted to do after my op. Perhaps I shouldn't have pushed myself on it, but at least it's finished now and I am quite pleased with the result.

So, with the work off my desk, it was time for a bit of a clean up. It feels good to have a tidy desk, clean palette and clean piece of paper sitting in front of me. New beginnings are the most exciting times, as this is the most creative stage of putting a new piece together. Subject, composition, scale and colours all come together here and there is always frustration before that most satisfying 'lightbulb' moment, when it all feels right, and away we go again. Although, I don't think I will be using that grey again.

The storm on Sunday night brought many apples down from the tree.
This one is relatively unscathed and has a couple of leaves attached

This morning felt like the first real cold-snap of the Autumn. Out of the window, the leaves are really starting to turn and the last of the Bramley and Cox apples are hanging off the trees like jewelled baubles. Mmm, I love baked apples, all buttery gorgeousness and plumped up fruit. I wonder if we have any cream? Or perhaps I should paint one first.

A trial run getting some cards printed.
Perhaps a little OTT with the pink raffia,
but who cares, it looks pretty.
More on the way.


Debbie Nolan said...

I don't think it look OTT at all - great way to show off these lovely cards. I think your art is so beautiful...all the painstaking work you do really is so admirable. Hope you are having a delightful day.

Claire said...

Hi Jarnie, the cards look really beautiful. Hope you're ok xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Claire, yes doing ok and keeping busy.Thanks xx