Monday, 14 October 2013

Get Well Soon

Well, I'm not going to give you yet another update on those brambles. Firstly, I am sure you have seen enough and secondly, the finial piece is heading for an exhibition so best not to spoil the surprise for the organisers of the project. It's only fair they get first peek.

However, I do have some further news on the new Squirrel HQ. When you are feeling under the weather, the usual 'get well soon' gifts of choice from loved ones tend to go along the lines of flowers, cards, grapes and, if you're lucky, chocolates. Not so with my family. Mum and Dad came down for the weekend to see how I was faring after my run in with the surgeon, and of course, they came bearing gifts. But, for me it was wall insulation and the laying of my new studio floor. All day Friday and Saturday they toiled away at finishing noggins, levelling the floor beams, fitting the floor and insulating the main wall. Every ounce of time was used to get as much done as possible. As you can imagine, I was quite overwhelmed and delighted with my gift. So much so, I am feeling better already.

The foil covered insulation board
gets fitted in between the joists

Spaghetti junction.
The wires, (not live I might add) for the sockets

Whoopee I have a floor.
Under the boards, those noggins are performing sterling work. 

Next up? Finishing the insulation, fitting up the wall lining board, (plasterboard), and replacing those windows and the door. There's a long way to go yet. 

On a final note, one of the Google Doodles caught my eye last week. Celebrating the work of Natural History artist William John Swainson, the Doodle featured some of his exquisite work from his exploration of South America. In 1820 he became the first artist to use the process of lithography in his book, 'Zoological Illustrations', although, his later work in Botany didn't hit the spot with everyone, with Sir William Jackson Hooker making a few choice comments about this area of Swainson's work. Ah well, you can't please everyone!

Google Doodle Celebrates William John Swainson

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