Thursday, 17 October 2013

Is it Tax or Just Taxing?

This week feels like it has been a bit of an admin week. There is always paperwork to catch up with when you work for yourself, including orders, invoices, emails to catch up on, and the dreaded Tax Return!! Normally the mention of such a thing would have people scurrying for cover, in need of a large gin and tonic or turning a very funny colour and needing a quiet lie down in a dark room. Pah! I say to the tax return. Having studied a rather archaic form of housing and property tax law at Uni, believe me, this holds no fear. Er, hopefully.

Along with keeping up with the accounts this week, I have been making lots of new connections on the professional networking site LinkedIn. It's great meeting like minded folk who work in various areas of artistic industries, and it certainly makes the term, 'it's a small world' seem very apt as you can often find old friends and work colleagues. A bit like Facebook really. 

New projects are also sitting on the drawing board, ready to pounce into action at any moment and over the next few weeks, I have a couple of exciting meetings planned that will herald my work moving in some new directions. Firstly though, it's time to start something new. Recently I have spotted some really gorgeous paintings of pineapples. Fellow botanical artists Gaynor Dickeson, Dianne Sutherland and Elisabeth Sherras Clark have all produced beautiful studies of the fruit and I am always drawn to their gloriously spiky, majestic form in the supermarket or at our local fruit and veg market stall. So, the next one might be fruit. Although the enormous bouquet of lilies that 'husband' bought me rather inspired a composition too. The sketchbook is going to get a lot of attention over the next few weeks. 

Well, before all of that, there is the last, teeny bit of the brambles to do. Now, I know I said I wasn't going to post any more of it, but as it's not quite there, and you can't quite see the whole thing, I thought I would share just a couple more pics. Oh and a new gas boiler is going in this weekend. Hooray! Hot baths all round then.    

Just a little bit more to do.
The snail was painted using a mixture of browns shades using
Perylene Maroon, Alizarin Crimson, Indanthrene Blue,
French Ultramarine, Aureolin and Lemon Yellow.
In my colour palette, I like to use a mix of cool and warm primary colours.

The main stem of the blackberry was painted using the fresh green mix
of Indanthrene Blue and Lemon Yellow used for the leaves.
Re-wetting the area and dropping in a reddish brown mix
gave the characteristic 'woody' appearance.   

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