Monday, 28 October 2013

Thumbnail Thursday, (on Monday)

Over on Facebook last week, I started 'Thumbnail Thursday'. So many people comment on my little 'mini compositions on watercolour paper, that I thought I would make an album on my page as a way to share them all. These thumbnails tend to be just that, tiny little composition ideas that I work on scraps of Hot Press paper with watercolour to get the feel of the picture and how the colours will go together.

If I don't use the composition at the time, I know I will have a record of it, and all the sketches and colour notes that go with it to refer back to later. Going back through sketchbooks can uncover some forgotten gem of an idea that may spark the enthusiasm once again.  

A very quick idea of how a composition
for red onions might work out.

This one ended up on the back burner but may yet come to fruition.
Some on Facebook have said these onions look like they are dancing.
I like that idea.

Leek and Onion for one of my Diploma pieces
Again, loads of these little pictures came in handy
to get the look right.
This was the one I like best.

And the final piece.
Using the thumbnail as a guide took all the guess
work out of trying to get the composition right.
Tracing the drawings I made of the component veggies,
allowed me to move them around the paper, to get their
position just right.

Oh, and if this Big Storm, currently battering the South of England is heading your way, brace yourselves and stay safe today. Still checking all of Squirrel HQ, to make sure we have no injuries to report. 


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