Monday, 11 November 2013

The Plasterboard Dash

Just to show that the poor old thing hasn't been completely neglected, here is an update on the 'Shed Revival'.

Finishing the insulation.
This insulation board is quite nice to work with.
To get it to fit, you can cut it with a kitchen knife,
remembering to leave holes for the electrics to come through

In this pic, behind the ladder,
you can just see one of the window frames that Dad has made
to replace the rather sorry looking ones we have.
It was all hands to the pump again this weekend, as more work was done on the shed. Last time we, (or should I say the family, as I was on the bench, sitting it out) got the floor down, some of the insulation up and some of the electrics had been run in by our friendly electrician. This weekend gave us typical November rains and cold winds that made working very difficult but determination to get the walls started didn't stop progress. Plaster board is notorious for being ruined when it gets wet, so Dad and 'Husband' had to make dash visits to the DIY shop in between the showers to bring it home on the roof of the car. 

Dad just makes sure the first board has a nice tight fit.
The hole is for the power point,
fitted at cupboard height.  

Plaster board is also quite heavy, so getting them in can be tricky. Two people have to be on hand to hold it in place while the first screws are fixed. The fixings have to go into the joists behind the board, so it's a good idea to mark where these are on the front of the board, otherwise it's a bit like, 'pin the tail on the donkey'.

The first three boards in place, with the switches neatly fitted.
Mum and 'Husband' made quick work of getting the whole
building fully insulated.
I quite like the 'A' frames and have been considering keeping them on view. To get the roof insulated, we are thinking about fitting the insulation board between the frames, then finishing off with plaster board, leaving the 'A' on show. These can then be stained, varnished or painted.

You get a better idea of the space available, now that everything is looking a bit more square and room-like. Loads more plaster board to go and then skirting board to finish. It's really getting there.     


shevaun said...

You must be so excited watching it all take shape!Nearly there!! xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Shevaun, yes it's really coming together. :)

Claire said...

It's gonna be amazing Jarnie xx

Janene said...

Wow--things are really coming along! I look forward to seeing the finished space.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

I am really learning the value of patience. xx