Monday, 16 December 2013

Accidents and Accessories

Yet again it has been an eventful week here at Squirrel HQ. 'Husband's' terrible near miss bicycle accident last week, with a trip to our local Accident and Emergency department certainly made for a nervous (and long) evening. Luckily it all looked worse than it was and no bones were broken, thankfully.

Preparations for the festive season are also in full swing, with wrapping paper, baubles, baking and ribbon rather taking precedent over any painting just now. However, things have not been neglected totally this week, as my delightful printer yet again works his magic on a couple of pieces, making them ready for printing. Updates on the website soon.   

Elsewhere, my little flower accessories have been doing really well, and I am having to source new bits and bobs and off-cuts of fabric to keep up with demand. As these were a bit of fun and an accidental side line, I have been really pleased with how well they have gone down. Thanks to everyone who has bought one, I am currently working on some pieces for friends and family who have birthdays soon. Here's how I go about making them. Oh, and now you know what you're getting girls.

Step by step
The cotton fabrics I love to use, have natural themes such as leaves and flowers. Colours are always bright and cheerful, so oranges, pinks, reds and purples are favourites, and work nicely with the greens and steely blues of the plain material to give a complimentary finish. Cutting, folding and pinning are the fiddliest bits before stringing and tying off. Then comes the fun bit, finishing off with the buttons and finds.

Making good use of the things that I find.

My family consider me to be something of a magpie, or more likely, a Womble. Whenever I'm out, I always seem to find something, and can often be found with my head down, scouring the area for dropped treasures. The flotsam and jetsam of life. The little bird was found a good few years ago, on a side street near Trafalgar Square, just after a delicious lunch with the family. The Mother of Pearl earring is something of an antique, but no use on it's own. If I see something pretty or useful on the ground, it finds a new home.

And you can never have too many buttons

All ready to go.
Just a couple more of these to finish off, then it's back to the botanicals for workshop ideas and that new piece I have been avoiding. 


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