Monday, 9 December 2013

The Revival Continues

Once again, Squirrel HQ was a hive of activity as the family again pulled together for another weekend of fun and frolics working hard on the shed. Of course, it is looking less and less like a shed every time we do something to it and now all the plasterboard is installed, it looks more like a proper room. The outside hasn't changed too much , apart from the new roof, but this will all change when the new door and windows go in.

All the plasterboard in place and power points fitted

This weekend, I had the added pleasure of seeing my brother for the first time in months. He and his girlfriend are currently in the stomach churning experience of buying a new house, so it was delightful that he was able to make time for the trip out to, 'The Sticks' (the countryside). Now, 'Brother' is no slouch when it comes to hard work, and I was really impressed with his determination to get the job done, getting to grips with some of the more 'unique' aspects the building poses to the unsuspecting. As it was his first time working on it, he was not prepared for the out of line walls, and not quite straight doorway. Ah bless you, you really did give it your best and I am forever grateful.

My brother and my hard working mum          

Mum and Dad of course did their usual swarm of locusts attack on the job and before I knew it, there was a completely finished plasterboard shell, plastered edges where the plasterboard pieces join, (there is a slight dip at the edges that gets filled with finishing plaster for a smooth finish), a skirting board, a door frame that actually isn't rotting away and the beginnings of a dado rail and some cupboards made from the window frames Dad made that he isn't quite happy with, as they are just a bit too big.

Finishing the edges of the plasterboard

The edges of the plasterboard gets finished with scrim. This is a kind of tape that secures the edges before plastering. Oh and all of the electrics have now been given life.

These were going to be my new windows

The window frames are now going to be the framework for a series of cupboards along the end wall. here I will have a lovely worktop where the all important tea will be made. Along the top of the worktop there will be a Dado rail as a finishing touch. Our old fridge is still in good working order, so I will have that in here too.

Skirting board. Hurrah!!

An unexpected disaster with the frame around our garage door meant that my poor husband was tied up all weekend with replacing all of the wood and rebuilding the frame to support the door. His joinery skills were certainly tested and he learnt some new skills, (as well as some new swear words). At the end of Sunday, all was well, thankfully.          

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