Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Blues and Bracelets

So, with my new piece finally on the go, I am feeling a lot better. It's always good to have an occupied drawing board. Of course, with this one, I am on familiar territory, so I hope to have it cracked pretty quickly. Starting with the bright blue of the delicate Cranesbill flowers, it's nice to have an injection of bright colour in the palette to really add that positive pizazz to the day.

For the Cranesbill flowers, I am using a lovely mix of Winsor Violet and my favourite Indanthrene Blue to create that rich purply-blue, with touches of Permanent Rose and Ultramarine in the mix here and there. A very watery wash of Cobalt brings everything together. For the greens I will use a mix of my favourite Indanthrene Blue again with Lemon Yellow and a touch of Perylene Maroon. Since finishing this piece I am now using some great new colours, but thought I would stick to the original mixes rather than go through the process of starting again with practise mixes etc.

Making a start on the Cranesbill.
Indanthrene Blue, Cobalt, French Ultramarine,
Permanent Rose and Winsor Violet
all feature in the mixes for the petals. 

I love a colour chart
This chart is for Winsor Violet and all the colours I mixed with it.
The mixes made with the Quinacridone colours are particularly vibrant
and wonderfully rich.

Next will be the bramble, again. I know, I said I was going to leave them be for a while but if you are going to work on a woodland hedge, brambles are a pretty fundamental ingredient. Anyway, as I have had enough practise at these over the past few months, I should be able to manage these ones quite well, and getting them out of the way early means I will still have some quite nice bits to come.  

You may have noticed the 'Nature Trail' link in the sidebar. This is for a wonderful new project I am really honoured to be part of. For a whole year, 16 artists will exchange sketchbooks, producing wonderful sketches for each other. We will get properly going in February, but the new Blog is up and running already, so do check it out.

The title page of my new sketchbook.
Once I post it, I won't see it again for a whole year.  

Elsewhere, I have been having fun with some new creations. Using colourful waxed cotton cord, polymer clay, crystals and found bits and pieces I have been making some fun little charm bracelets. These are great because, as I have quite small hands, bangles and bracelets often drop off. You have no idea how many I have lost over the years. These are a bit like posh friendship bracelets and can be adjusted to fit the wearer with no fiddling about trying to do them up. Good pressie idea for friends too.  

Polymer clay hearts, beads and charms, what's not to love?
These bracelets are just a prototype,
the new ones have crystals embedded in the clay
and the ends are finished with a clay bead.
Just a bit of fun 

And finally:- All good things must come to an end, and for the time being it is time to say goodbye to my 'What's Going On?' list of shows and exhibitions. There will still be the odd post and links recommending a good day out though, so it's not all bad news.    

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