Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Doors and Windows of Opportunity

I can't quite believe that we are very nearly at the end of January already. The new year certainly seems to be off to a flying start but, not wanting to let it run too quickly away from me, it's time to make the most of it. Lots of lovely projects are planned for this year and, of course one has got going already and the next one is just launching. The Nature Trail begins in earnest in February, so with just a few finishing touches, my sketchbook is ready for it's year long journey.

A window of opportunity.
A small envelope with a surprise
welcomes my fellow Nature Trailers to Squirrel's Sketchbook

This weekend, we had another mammoth go at getting some jobs done on the shed. The shed has been badly in need of a new door, with an old kitchen door bravely holding up to the worst of the weather but sadly failing. Dad had taken some measurements the last time he was here, and hunted through his wood stash to see if there was enough bits of this and that to put a new one together. Luckily there was, and the new creation was brought down to be fitted.

Out with the old.
With all useful bits removed, the old door is now ready to go 

In with the new.
Made with scrap wood and recycled glass,
the new door is here.
A new door of
Work in progress.
Dad adjusts the hinges 
 With a couple of unexpected and rather unwelcome extra jobs that needed doing, work seemed to go quite slowly, but I am so pleased to have a door that doesn't leak or allow a force ten gale through the gaps!

The fridge from our old flat,
and some lovely new cupboard frames

Elsewhere, we were able to do some much needed maintenance around the garden. fence panels had come down during the dreadful storms over Christmas, so it was a relief to get some sturdy new replacements up and secure before the next round. Also, it's never too late to get some spring bulbs in, so a lot of late flowering daffodils were planted, filling a corner of the garden with some much needed colour.

Back on the drawing board, progress is coming along on 'The Green Belt', although the Dog Rose is taking a little longer than expected and there is still the bramble to go. With my SBA submission forms arriving this week, it's all getting very real, and soon.


shevaun said...

Isn't it amazing how the addition of a good door can suddenly transform a room!! Your studio is looking cozier by the day. I'm wondering though if the fridge is for the plant pieces or for more edible treats! Looking forward to seeing your sketchbook!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Shevaun. Outside all looks very dark and brown but the addition of some lovely pots of flowers should finish it off nicely. Aha, I think there will be some room for treats.