Friday, 31 January 2014

Growing the Green Belt

Just a short update on progress post today as, with a couple of other little painterly jobs to get out of the way for the Sketchbook Exchange, work has slowed a little on The Green Belt this week. Luckily for me, it was a welcome little breather as there are so many tangled stems and leaves in this piece, it can all get a bit daunting, (and the exchange is a fun project too). Also, my first blog post for the exchange project was published today, so it feels like I am everywhere just now.  

With a little time here and there I have been able to work on the Dog Rose flower. Using Permanent Rose with just a little Lemon Yellow, I built the colour up slowly and gradually. It's so easy to overdo the colour on pale flowers and I was really nervous about tackling this bit. the last time I painted a Dog Rose flower it wasn't too great and I was disappointed by the overall effect. This time, however I took my time and also used a different shading colour to give a more realistic shadow. Using the pink mix with a little Indanthrene Blue gave a lovely, soft dull lilac which matched perfectly to give the fluttery petals a bit of life. Again, building the shading up slowly, allowing each layer to fully dry gave a better view of where a bit more was needed.

A similar treatment has been used on the blooms for the bramble, but with less of the pink to reflect the delicate colouring. A mix of Cerulean Blue and Lemon Yellow was used on the tiny buds.  

Blackberry buds and bloom
 alongside the dog rose and cranesbill

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shevaun said...

It's looking great!! Keep going...