Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Time Waits for No-One

This week is already shaping up to be a busy one, with bramble leaves and thorns galore on The Green Belt and the Sketchbook Trail getting into it's first phase, time is certainly pressing. It's a daunting task, painting in someone's sketchbook, but with so many good friends participating in this project, I know it will be a great pleasure to add something to the pages of each one. With the first one ready and waiting on my desk, it's time to think of something suitable for February, the month of romance.        

It's also been great fun to share some of my techniques on the blog, and I have been so pleased that many of you have also found them useful. Just now, I am still tackling the bramble leaves, with a few more to go and then it will be time to turn to the rose leaves. As these also have tiny serrations, I think I will be on them for some time. Hopefully, if I really get motoring, I can get this tricky job out of the way in time to meet my time allowance.

Nearly there with this little group

Then these ones will need some attention

It's in my habit to work backwards from a deadline, calculating out how much working time I have to complete a painting. For this, I work out a time management plan, giving time for planning, drawing and painting, but also allowing a little extra time for any emergencies when I may not be able to work on the piece. If the piece is particularly big, with a number of subjects, I give specific time for each one. With this one, I need a whole working week just to do the bramble leaves. This way, I know if I am hitting my deadline, ahead of myself or running behind and can adjust my pace accordingly. With The Green Belt, I am just about keeping to the deadline, but it will be a tight one to get it to the printers and then to the framers in time. As always, I will keep you posted. 


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Claire said...

Impressed by your beautiful leaves xx