Monday, 10 March 2014

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Oh my, now it's all done, I feel quite emotional. The pictures are finished and framed, and there is nothing else to be done other than to get them safely to their destination. For this delicate exercise, I shall enlist the experienced assistance of 'Dad', with support from 'Mum' and some rather humorously named 'Stiffy Bags. It's quite odd and I actually feel a bit like a spare part, as I have no other contribution to make to the creative process of these pictures. Does everyone feel that way or am I just a bit bonkers? Mad as a bag of badgers!

On the whole, I am pleased with the set of paintings and although they are vastly different in composition and content, they all look like they were painted by me. For good or bad I hasten to add, and the proof, as they say will be in the tasting, or should that be the judging. It's all about what the selection panel like, and if your style is a bit too 'out there' it just might not go down well. The risk is always down to personal taste, but you have to be true to yourself and do the work you love, and not what you think will be liked. That is just a waste of time, doesn't always work out well and will make you unhappy. As it is, I now have seven framed paintings that I am, actually quite happy with. So, once chosen by me, it's over to the SBA where all six will either get in, or they won't.

The new batch, back from the framers. In case you were wondering, the mounts are made with pale ivory Arqadia acid free, conservation grade mount board with a pale cream, painted finish wooden moulding.

'The Green Belt'

'Alternative Alliums' and 'In the Hedgerow'

'Callas' and Iris reticulata 'Purple Gem'

The new family group.

The last two are of course old favourites, which you have already met.

'A Hogarth Curve'

And finally good old
'Sammy & Lucy'

My friends and family here and in the virtual world of the blog, facebook forums and emails have been wonderfully supportive and have helped no end to get me through the process. Here on the blog, your comments have been most welcome, as there have been times when I have had absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the quality of my work and felt like just not bothering. So a very big thank you. Goes with the territory methinks. At least I can blame it on the artistic temperament being a delicate balance between the heights of ecstasy and the depths of agony, (now wasn't that a film with Charlton Heston playing Michelangelo, painting the Sistine Chapel no less)?  See, I'm not bonkers, I'm just trying to be an artist here.


Claire said...

The paintings look stunning, really ,really love those frames. I'm still waiting for two frames and getting scared now! Wish there was another week!!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Me too, even now I keep thinking there is something I should be doing.