Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Sneeze of Spring

And, the next one. Oh yes indeed, now I am on a roll why stop, and thoughts are now turning to the next piece. With sketches for the Nature Trail really taking shape this month, there is lots being done in the studio and I am keen as mustard to get cracking with another painting. Just as a quick aside, I got these fab Facebook business cards printed by Moo this week. they do everything for you, all you do is add your web details and a rather lovely quote.

A bit of fun.
Facebook cards by Moo
including one of my favourite 'arty' quotes by Rousseau.
Botanical friends always bring the best gifts when they come for tea and yesterday, one of my loveliest friends brought this absolute gem with her. Snakes-Head Fritillaries are a beautiful addition to the early spring garden, but I have not had great success in growing them myself from bulb or seed. These plants are just perfect, and once I have finished painting them, I know the perfect spot in the garden.

I love the elegant, bobbing blooms of Snakes-Head Fritillary
These may end up as a small study in the March sketchbook 

Reworking the hedgerow really gave me an idea to perhaps rework some more of my earlier pieces, or at least use the same subjects for a new one. Early flowering rhododendrons are beginning to come into bloom about now and the camellias are always a delicious subject with their big blowsy flowers and dark, glossy leaves. The only issue with camellias is if the frost comes to get them, the blooms turn brown and look quite awful. Spring is only a sneeze away too, which brings the blossoms of cherry and apple. With their gorgeous scent and delicate, blush tinted blooms, the warm lengthening days bear the promise of treasures to come. Divine. Just thinking on these, there was an early rhododendron cilpinsense graphite piece I would quite like to do in colour.  

Next on the radar.
Rhododendron cilpinense study in graphite
The delicate pink blooms and deep green leaves
of this early flowering shrub, would look great in colour
Anyhow, there are a few good options to go for and as I can now relax a bit and just enjoy my painting, I can take a bit more time over this one and really choose a subject I am keen to have a go at. There is a always that pineapple waiting in the wings, and those beautiful Snakes-Head Fritillaries of course. For the time being, I have got a few more sketches for the next sketchbook and my next workshop project to prepare.

Here's a sneak peak at the study I have been working on.
To see the full glory of Februrary,
The finished pages will only be available to view on
the Nature Trail Blog
Please show your support by giving us a look.


shevaun said...

What fantastic plans you have! You really are on a roll. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!The sketchbook page is looking lovely already. I'm already sighing over that gorgeous handwriting!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

yes, I really feel like I am on a roll and have turned that big old corner with my work. Glad you like the sketchbook page, the full story will be an exclusive on the Nature Trail Blog ;)

Debbie Nolan said...

Jarni - as always your work is exquisite. I visited the Nature Trail Sketchbook blog and looked at each one. Everyone's work is so gorgeous. This certainly looks like a wonderful endeavor.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thank you Debbie, you really are such a great support. Glad you liked the work of my fellow 'Nature Trailers', it's been so much fun already.