Monday, 24 March 2014

The Story Continues

There have been exciting developments here at Squirrel HQ, not least some VERY BIG news from the SBA. After a year of hard work and preparation, last Monday i finally submitted six paintings to the SBA, hoping to be accepted as an Assocate member. Last Thursday evening, whilst spending a few days in London with my Mum and Dad, I received a lovely phone call from Sandra Wall-Armitage, President of the SBA to tell me that all six of my paintings had been accepted unanimously by the selection panel, and welcomed me as an Associate member of the society. Of course, I was very excited, and as such probably made Sandra go temporarily deaf in one ear. Happy is a bit of an understatement. This was a gorgeous end to a lovely week, and as my parents had helped me haul the paintings into Westminster, it was lovely for them to hear the result too.  This gorgeous news set the wheels in motion for the forthcoming events.

So, how exactly do you celebrate a success? Champers perhaps or a big meal out? No, here at Squirrel HQ, it means putting new windows into the studio. Oh goody, just what I always wanted, and in my case dear readers, you know that I am actually telling the truth, I REALLY do want new windows.  

As always, the family gathered with a car full of wooden frames and tools and set to work on Friday morning to get the old windows out.

The time has come.
Broken, odd and missing bits of glass along with rotting wood
is not good, and frankly dangerous.

So, after some swift demolition, the view improves.
Bit nippy though.


"What do you mean you don't serve Espresso?"
'Husband' wonders why this cafe doesn't do coffee.
Just hold your horses, and I'll put the kettle on.
The windows and frames were removed, with any decent glass carefully taken out and kept for future use. Having taken the measurements from the old windows, dad had carefully made the new window frames at home in London, and brought all the extra timber for the job with him. All the glass for the side opening windows is recycled from the old windows of a greenhouse we took down last year and, after careful cutting fitted perfectly with the new frames. The large, middle windows had to be cut to size by a local glaziers, who was able to do them while we waited. These ones don't open but give loads of light and a lovely view.  

Perfect proportions.
Keeping the middle window to one large, fitted piece gives loads of light,
and a great view of the bird feeders in the garden.

The frames what my dad built.
Some little girls get girly stuff from their daddy,
I get new windows, yippee!
Mum taking a well earned tea break.

At last.
After an awful lot of hard work by everyone, the windows are in.
Now for a good clean.

The first set of frames went in like a dream, and all the glass was fitted in no time. the second frame unfortunately proved to be somewhat of a nuisance. As with everything else on this building, the actual window aperture was out of line, and couldn't be changed as it was structural error. So, there was much toing and froing and cutting here and there to get the frames to fit. it wasn't a job that dad was happy with, as he would have liked them to look perfect, but they look fabulous to me. Just one of those quirky little features this place has, and I love it for it.

Just to give the look of the outside a pleasing appearance, dad insisted on dying the putty before using it on the outside of the glass. Dying the putty? No, I hadn't thought of that one either. Somehow, and i won't ask, he managed to get hold of some powder that is used for such applications and set to work kneading the stuff into the putty. He did look very much like he was making bread, and from a very unpromising start, it really did do the trick. I just wish I had got a picture, but I was the one sprinkling in the powder, and got filthy in the process.  

Ever thought of dying your putty to match your wood stain?
So, onto fittings. The old windows had some very rusty fittings which looked quite nice. After taking them off and giving them a bit of a rub with some wire wool, the details could be seen more clearly. Not having any idea as to the history of this place, it did seem that it had been built to a high standard with some quality fittings that had been sorely neglected.

Now, what can we do with this little lot?

Give it all a new coat of paint.
the curled ends will be painted once they have fitted to the windows.

A quality item for a shed.
This little handle looks a bit Art Deco.
Unfortunately, there were only three of these lovely little handles and we needed four. So, a little improvisation and hunting around needed to be done. When we first moved in, the shed was full of old bits and pieces, including for some reason, an awful lot of old windows, handy. These are all out in the garden waiting for recycling. Before they get there though, we will take the handles off.

Just some of the windows we 'inherited' with the house.
I spy a handle.

After some cleaning and a little paint, it doesn't look too bad.


Looking good.
The new windows with their furniture.
The hanging baskets were a little gift from my husband.
Some more holes have been filled too.
These ones on the front held the original holding bolts.
Thank you to the family for a weekend of hard, uncomplaining graft. Hmm, now for inside...

Ah, our old sink, perfect!
This was taken out of our kitchen two or three years ago.
See, I told you we were Wombles.



Sarah Morrish said...

It's looking fab Jarnie !! Let me know when you need help painting the inside - I'm a dab hand with a paintbrush ;)

Claire said...

Looking fantastic Jarnie and great to see recycling Ike this, here's to many happy hours of work in there xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ah, bless you both. I might just take you up on that offer Sarah. Tea, cake and painting a wall. What could be better.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Looking very good Jarnie - how long to P time? (P = Painting)

Lori Vreeke said...

Congratulations Jarnie, quite an accomplishment I hope to accomplish one day. They new windows in your studio are a wonderful reward! Lori V.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Jarnie - this is so neat...wonder if your day hires out...I am sure I could put his talent to work on some old structures. Your studio is going to be just lovely I am sure. Congratulations too on your wonderful news. Your work is so outstanding I am sure there was never a question about you being accepted. Take care and have a great day - hope you do celebrate!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

A bit of a way to go yet Katherine, but it's all systems go here.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thank you Lori, keep on going and you'll make it.xx

Thank you Debbie. ha ha, Dad is retired now so I was hoping he might slow down a bit. If anything, he's getting busier! Oh, no worries about celebrations here, we had a great time. xx