Monday, 21 April 2014

Water, Water Everywhere

Bank holiday weekends are usually laid back affairs spent in the garden, or out with friends and family doing what friends and family do. Well, this weekend was spent, once again at Squirrel HQ, this time sorting the plumbing. At first, I though running water to be something of a luxury in a shed, but as this will now be a studio, water would be an essential attribute. Not least for the all important tea making.

First up, get the sink in. The frame for the cupboard was already made with a top on it, so now the hole had to be cut for the sink to drop into. That cut out bit is already being eyed up for a small workbench.

Carefully cutting round the template of the sink

Well, that's the easy part.
Although that power point will have to be shifted now.
Electrics and water don't mix.

Once our old kitchen sink, sporting a brand new tap was in place, the hard part of getting water to it began. Using the outside garden tap as a starting point, a double connector allows water to be run to the studio without disturbing the outside tap for the garden hose. Next, a trench had to be dug out across to the studio for the long run of piping that would carry the water. Luckily here we could use a border in the garden to bury the pipe so only a little of the drive had to broken.

Going underground.
From the house...

...and under the gate...

There was an awful lot of jigger-pokery to be done here, as the connectors kept getting loose, spraying a great jet of water into the air. Erm, perhaps not. Once all was secure, concrete was laid over the pipework, and no one would ever know we had been there!    

Then the good bit. here.
Running water

 But where does it go?

Filtered in here

Ends up here. A cut in half water butt.
With a tap on the water butt, the water goes on the plants.
A wooden lid will be made to cover the butt. 

Now for the cupboard doors.

These boards are actually flooring boards
but make the perfect material to make cupboards

Under construction

Just some hinges.
And that shelf is a handy feature too.

Dad made these cute handles from some off-cuts of Teak
he had in his garage

Just a coat of paint will finish these off

After three days of toil.


shevaun said...

This is like Jarnie's Grand Designs! Wonderful to see it take shape!

Claire said...

It's really coming along, exciting. Really love all the recycling, it's going to be a wonderful studio xx