Monday, 5 May 2014

A London Adventure

Well, here I am in London, with 'Husband' back holding the fort, I am enjoying the pleasures and comforts of being back at home with Mum and Dad. For this week anyway. Apart from just enjoying the company of my parents, I am here for the SBA exhibition later in the week, but before then, and despite the London Tube strike that is due to affect my visit all week, I plan to do lots of botanical sketches from the garden, investigate the woodland flora of Epping Forest, and visit a good few galleries and museums. And of course, Kew.

Early morning sunbathing.
A little hover fly warms up on a raspberry leaf

A bunch of Bleeding Hearts!
One of my favourites  

I sustain myself with the love of family"
Maya Angelou

Already, just taking a walk on the first day here, I collected a couple of pine cones from the churchyard trees that I remember from childhood. These little treasures might make a nice addition to the next exchange sketchbook in the Nature Trail. Watching their seeds 'helicopter' their way to the ground still fills me with delight. From the garden, fuchsias, azaleas and geraniums are all looking resplendent with their gorgeous, blowsy blooms.

You can just see the papery seed husks nestled and waiting to 'fly'

The seeds are perfectly formed to 'helicopter' gently to the ground.
The little seed protected by it's papery outer husk.

"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"
                                                          (well pine trees in this case)

Later this week, I am really looking forward to stewarding at the SBA exhibition, so if you're coming along, come and say hello. After a long, but rewarding day there will be a lovely gathering of friends, along with a few well earned drinks.

"Happiness is only real when shared"
Jon Krakauer - Into the Wild    

Speaking of friends, just before left for London, this arrived. The catalogue for The Irish Alphabet in Botanical Art exhibition landed on my doormat an was a complete delight from cover to cover. It has been wonderful to see so many beautiful depictions of wild flowers by so many familiar names, and to see my own effort in print for the first time. One to be treasured amongst the Squirrel Archives.  

The exhibition catalogue for the first ISBA project

My contribution

All set for a week of happy painting:

The travelling kit bag
trusty Winsor and Newton Travel Bag,
sketchbooks, water bottle and extra 'stuff'

The old cavernous pilot's bag from my teaching days has a new life.

I have had this Winsor and Newton 'Cotman' travel bag
for years. Most of the original kit has been used,
but the bag is so useful

In the bag: ceramic palettes; watercolours; loupe; magnifying glass

The wallet
The wallet attaches to the bag with Velcro and carries all the
brushes and pencils.
The original water bottle and pan box (with all my new pans)
are still used 

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