Thursday, 29 May 2014

Paints with Added Oomph

I love trying out new paints, and this week I have been trying out my new Daniel Smith colours. Of course, with new colours comes new mixes and with that, the colour chart comes back. As I am still a bit fragile and can't really settle down to painting, this seemed like the perfect way to satisfy my need for colour.

Starting with the Quinacridone Gold, I tested a number of my favourite green and red mixes to see how the rich shade would alter or enhance the mix. Indanthrene Blue in particular is such a 'big' colour with loads of oomph and richness. It's one of my favourite blues and one I turn to again and again in mixes. Other favourite blues for green mixes are Cerulean and Ultramarine, often with just a touch of either Light Red, Cadmium Red or Perylene Maroon. Ahh, Perylene Maroon, my favourite red, and another rich, warm colour that I was sure would mix beautifully with the warm gold.

Lots of promising mixes

Well, maybe not all successful.

The Cobalt Teal separates a bit
when mixed with other colours, especially Quinacridone Magenta.
Sometimes it really does pay to test colours and mixes first,
to see which ones work best.

Love the Quinacridone Gold greens and oranges though.
And the milky neutrals aren't bad.

With their higher price tag I was a bit reluctant to buy into this brand, but as Winsor and Newton have had mixed reviews over their recent changes, I was keen not to become too reliant and to try something new. So, along with the gold, I invested in some Cobalt Teal and Buff Titanium. Again, after some playing about with the mixes, I found I quite liked the flow, consistency and colour saturation of the formula, but found the Cobalt didn't like being mixed with other colours very much. The Buff Titanium is of course mixed with white, so is an opaque neutral colour. However, I did find that it mixed really well with some of the more neutral tones of Umber and Sienna, making a nice range of browns.

My favourite mixes had a lovely new lease of life and on their own, the Cobalt Teal, (CT) and Buff Titanium, (BT) have great uses on their own either glazing over dry washes (CT) or as a stand alone colour, (BT). The Quinacridone Gold could even rival my favourite Schmincke Transparent yellow as a final glaze over greens too.

Elsewhere, as I can't really paint too much, I have been making a few more bracelets. Colour therapy of a different sort, and great fun.




Janene said...

Great way to use your recovery time! DS Quin Gold is one of my favorites too. As you probably already know, DS Quin Gold is the only one that is a single pigment. The Quin Gold's from all the other brands are mixes to approximate the color. So that's why DS Quin Gold is best for mixing with other colors. I hope that makes sense! I also hope you feel better soon. I love your positive outlook, Jarnie!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Ah, that's very interesting Janene, thanks for the info. I really like the DS Quin Gold and know I am going to use it a lot.Thanks, I'm doing okay. :) xx