Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Tradesman's Entrance

So, as the studio is progressing apace, it's time to start thinking of getting the furniture sorted. Having introduced myself to the delights of Ebay, I have bought myself a new desk, and elsewhere, the family have been ever generous with kitchen cupboards and drawers being trawled for 'spares' of everything and anything. It's a bit like moving into your first house. That furniture store from Sweden has suddenly found a new enthusiast too.

The Bank Holiday weekend once more saw Squirrel HQ being invaded by my parents, this time armed with rollers brushes and paint pots. Alas, I could not join in with any sense of enthusiasm (under doctor's orders) and sat on the sidelines offering insightful support. After undercoating the woodwork on the windows, the walls were suddenly attacked on all sides, and within moments were bright, clean and white. A coat of paint really does make a massive difference and made the area look beautifully spacious. Next came the back door. I still can't quite get over that my shed has a back door. Ha ha, perhaps this should become the 'Tradesman's Entrance'. Anyway, this door has never had a decent lock on it and was a bit draughty too. Hunting about for an old lock (with it's key) proved fruitful for once and with a but of jiggery-pokery here and there, the door finally closes properly (and locks). More coats of paint and voila! Another weekend of hard graft and effort satisfactorily complete.

The back door
Or rather, The Tradesman's Entrance' 

The first coat of white paint goes on.
Yes, underneath that dust sheet is my desk.

Now for a good clear out

The desk however, was quite another matter. We had hoped to be able to get it through the kitchen door and out through the double doors in the conservatory. Ah yes well, getting it through the kitchen door was enough of a task and in the end the door had to be taken off it's hinges and the top of the desk had to come off! Well, at least it got through and is now happily placed inside Squirrel HQ.

Of course, I can't resist just a little fresh air in the garden and the camera comes too! here are some of the little gems I found blooming and buzzing amongst the borders.

My new variety of elderflower is an explosion of pinky froth

Bumble Bee buzzing about after the rain

Alliums are great.


Erica cinerea said...

It's all coming along nicely at SHQ! It'll be lovely to move in and start painting... and from the pics it looks as though your garden is lovely space to spend time meanwhile. Good luck with the recovery and new starts.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Erica, the end is in sight. Ha ha the garden is a bit of a wilderness, but I try to pick out the best bits, (and gloss over the out of control brambles).

Anonymous said...

It must be very exciting having the new studio in progress. Good luck and enjoy it!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Chris, yes it really has been an epic and exciting saga, and all from a wreck of a garden building.