Monday, 28 July 2014

Positive Flat-Pack

It's a phrase that can be enough to fill even the stoutest heart with dread. Yes, its the prospect of 'The Flat-Pack'. Well, if the studio is going to be kitted out, we cannot avoid it any longer, and I need a table. So, with spanners, and screwdrivers at the ready, it was time to tackle the latest purchase. 

The new extending table will be big enough to seat six quite comfortably, and doesn't take up much room in the shed either, which is always a bonus for when it's not in use. handy too for when I need some extra space for layouts and framing. Of course, 'Husband' was keen to get stuck in, and as always was extremely methodical in the preparation.

Hmm, I'm sure there's another one of these somewhere.

Let's get organised.
Dividing all those fiddly little screws and washers into separate
containers really helps.

Nearly there.

Ah, now where do those two go?
There's always something left 

And finally, a well earned cuppa

As they say, every little bit helps, and with the table and chairs looking right at home with all the other bits and pieces, things are coming together nicely. And with the long-running saga appearing to be nearing it's end, enormous sighs of relief can be heard. certainly from me anyway.

'Cornucopia Corner'?
Starting to get those homely touches and essential storage.

The Portmeirion Botanic Hummingbird jug was a gift from my parents.
And the ever-essential radio, as I can's live without Radio 4.

And the small wooden box was a gift from my good friend Sarah Morrish
over at The Natural Year

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