Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Delia is Back!

So, it's back to Dahlia's for me this week, and with such a lovely relationship, I have named her Delia. Yes, the back of that pouty, pink madam just had to be done, and I thought seriously that it would make a nice pairing with the front view. Well, maybe I'm just a sucker for pink punishment.

So, back in the palette goes Permanent Rose, Quinacridone Magenta, Perylene Maroon, Indanthrene Blue, Lemon Yellow and the rather dangerous Opera Rose. To be honest, I just haven't cleaned out the palette yet, so it's all still there, ready and waiting.

We're ready
Some of the mixes from the first dahlia painting.

Mind you, I'm breaking out of these little palettes,
and moving on to my lovely ceramic trays. 

A somewhat limited palette

Again, I have to tackle this painting with just photo and sketchbook references to help me. The finished painting of the front of the flower may actually come in useful too, but often the back is somewhat different to the front.  

Careful measurements and accurate drawing made, it was time to put on the foundation layer, or first wash. steady does it, I don't want to lose those highlights. Lifting such a strong, and staining pink can be almost impossible, so it's best to leave plenty of white paper, and work into it later.  

Using the tablet again, (I am so liking using this).

Using sketches and measurements from when the original photos
were taken.
The colour charts and notes are also ready to hand.

The eagle-eyed amongst you, may also notice one or two of my fabric flowers.
Well, it's never too early to prepare for the festive season.
Some of these will be winging their way to friends near and far   

It would appear that I have a 'thing' for pink. Whilst searching through my photos recently, I noted just how many pink flowers I have photos of. Here's just a few I have taken just this year.

Huge clusters of deep pink roses cover our back fence

Big and blowsy
And pink!
The Hydrangea takes the stage

Rosa 'Sweet Haze'

A plethora of pink
Echinacea and Sedum

As pink as nature dare.
Spindle berries.
I know not technically flowers, but that colour!

In the border, it has to be pink
Cosmos ' Tetra Rose' and Lobellia

Even the bees, it would seem, have a passion for pink


Laura Dicus said...

I love back views and look forward to watching the progression. You new ceramic trays are going to be so much fun. I love the one I got and want more! Laughing about the pink flowers. I don't normally like pink but also noticed a lot of the flowers I was drawn to photograph are pink. The pink flowers must be particularly vivid this year.

shevaun said...

It looks like pink suits you too! Have fun with Delia :)

Maria la Montagne said...

Jarnie, I do like your pinks too!
It's been a while since I have done a colourful painting. So much autumn leaves, fruits etc in brownish colours.
So I do enjoy it a lot to see you painting pink!
Just keep on going and surprise us with a new master piece!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Pinks make you smile. Me too Laura, the backs are so interesting.Loved seeing Sharon Tingey's back view of the sunflower she painted.

Thanks Shevaun. I think it does somehow, which would make my dad laugh I think. ;)

Oh, I am so pleased you like the pinks Maria. I need some zesty colours in my life, and pink fits the bill.

Thanks everyone for your really lovely comments. :) xx