Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Laying Foundations

Another quick post today, but i wanted to share the progress thus far, and some new finds. The back of, 'Delia Dahlia' is finally under way and she now has a foundation of first washes, ready for me to build on, and get all those lovely tones and highlights singing. Lots of lovely bright pinks are coming to the fore again, and for the back there is also a rosy red for the shiny sepals that will need careful mixing.

Starting with each of the petals, I laid a very light wash of palest pink, leaving out plenty of white areas for the highlights. Next came the sepals. A redder shade was mixed with Perylene added to the pink mix and laid lightly, again leaving plenty of highlight.

Lastly, the stem was roughed in. This time using some Indanthrene mixed with Perylene. Now to build up more colour and tone.

My helpful chart of violets and pinks came in useful to find a good
selection of colour mixes.
Permanent Rose, Opera Rose, Quinacrdone Magenta and Perylene Maroon
for the reds and pinks.
Indanthrene Blue and Lemon Yellow

The first washes are on.
Once these are dry, all pencil marks are removed.

And finally, you may have noticed these new layouts. Well, just for a giggle, I have been playing around with a new picture editor, and came up with some rather nice collage layouts for some of my step-by-step pieces. Always nice to introduce something new, and a change is a good as a rest. Might just introduce some of these to the newsletter, so you'll have to make sure you're signed up for your copy.

Adding the steps to the photos might be more helpful.
Would appreciate your input.
Loving or hating?

'Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. 

Art is knowing which ones to keep.'

                                                                                                Scott Adams

Ha ha, well I certainly do make mistakes.

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