Sunday, 26 October 2014

Something to Shout About

Well now, what a fun day I had on Wednesday. Heading off to the RHS Autumn show with my good friend Sarah always promises fun and laughter, and I wasn't disappointed. Of course, with so much to see and friends to catch up with, I always forget to take any pictures, (sorry about that). Must get better at that part.

After a disastrous train journey, (yes Southern Railways I blame you) we decided to get a spot of lunch before heading into the Lindley Halls. Thus fortified, we headed on in. The autumn display of botanical art was quite a bit less than for the spring exhibition, with only 12 exhibitors this time around. With the hall being shared with other floral displays, including the huge arrangements below, there was something for everyone. Still, this didn't distract from the quality of the art, with three of the displays being awarded Gold Medals.   

Just to note here that Sarah is so much more organised than me at these things, and got some photos. Well done.

The enormous Gladioli pom-pom was quite magnificent.
Like a huge firework

Here I am with, (from L to R) Sarah, me, artist Julia Trickey with her wonderful tulips, and Mary Dillon.
It seems like a really good time to make a confession and to come clean about certain plans that are afoot. This news was first highlighted in my recent newsletter, (next edition out soon), but I want to share it with you lovely readers here. Earlier this year, (in June) I submitted four of my completed works to the RHS Picture Committee, hoping to be selected to exhibit with them myself at a future show. It was indeed a nerve-wracking wait for the news, but I am honoured and delighted to tell you that I was successful in my application.

This news means that I now have to come up with a series of paintings worthy of display in the Lindley Hall, alongside many accomplished artists from all over the world. After seeing Julia Trickey's absolutely stunning tulips, I feel quite daunted, but determined. Now, to work.

But first, here's the latest update on Delia

Still a bit slow going, but with some more sepals under way, and the stem nearly there,
the end is in sight.

Just that rather tricky middle again.  


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