Friday, 7 November 2014

All Set Up?

So, what now after Delia? Well, after from photos on a couple of these little projects, it would be really nice to go back to working from a live subject. After just a quick scour of the garden this morning, I came up with a few interesting surprises.

One of my favourite Fuchsia's is really flowering well this year  

Hmm, know little about fungi,
so these won't be going in the pot.

(you really need to know your stuff with these guys) 

Great shape and colouring on this one though.

Working from life is much more fluid than photos, as the subject is still alive and moves with the light. often, if it's a bud, this will open during the course of a day, and remembering what it looked like in the morning can be a challenge in itself.

To set up a live subject, I generally ensure I have a good light source to the left of it, so the constant light offsets the natural light from the window. Using a back light source also gives a fabulously dramatic effect, especially on dark flowers. Then, I set up a white background to neutralise any reflected light from surrounding objects and to reflect as much of the light onto the subject as possible. Using this technique recently, I have noticed how much more clarity and richness my colours have with the white background that before without one.

Small, but oh so handy.
The helping hands thingy

Next, I'll set up the subject. using a set of 'helping hands' and a florists flower tube filled with water, I position the subject where I want it. Using a piece of folded up kitchen paper wrapped around the tube gives the 'grabber' something to hold. The flower tube has a kind of one way valve that stops water pouring out all over the place. You can pretty much position it how you want, which is great if you want a particularly acute composition.

And in action
Set up for the clematis study, using the 'helping hands' stand and white background

Just recently though, I made a small purchase of a clamp stand. You know, one of those things that are in school science labs. Should come in handy for larger subjects.

My budget clamp stand.
These can be quite pricey,but a trawl on the net
unearthed this bargain.

The glass 'test tube' once contained vanilla pods.
handy to hang on to things like this,
you never know when they might come in handy.


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