Saturday, 22 November 2014

Fast and Furious

Today I am awaiting the delivery of some new kit for the studio. Well, I hope I will get a delivery today, as the courier claims I haven't been in the last three days running. Hmm, are you quote sure there chaps. With a car parked on the drive and lights on, I would say that is a fair indication of someone being in. And if you can't find a house that's less than 30 miles from the depot, someone has a terrible sense of direction.

Well, rather than dwell on the tracking of my goods I decided to get on with a little prep for my next workshop. Of course there will be a festive theme for this one and nothing says Christmas quite like holly, ivy and mistletoe and making a gift for someone special is such a lovely thing to do at this time of year. So, having purchased some plain cards to show off their efforts, I think there will be plenty of hand painted cards being handed out by my students in the area this year. 

Some of the colours used today.
Indanthrene Blue, Quinacridone Gold
Sennelier Yellow Light, French Ultramarine and Light Red.
Some Lemon Yellow here and there also went into the mixes.

Moving a tracing around to get the best position

Testing some of the possible mixes

Wet-in-wet washes for the leaves

Getting the first wash on the stem

Greeny greys are perfect for the berries

Finishing touches with golden tones here and there
Deeper greens to the leaves and berries
and little brown touches for the tops of the berries

This little sketch took only 15 minutes, as I wanted to test the timing of this one for use as a demo in my next workshop 

Unfortunately I can clearly see some errors on this little sketch. It just goes to show that you cannot do good work when you are upset, and almost incandescent with rage over incompetent companies who cannot get the simplest things done. 


Claire said...

Hope they turn up Jarnie, give em stick!! Hand made cards is a brilliant idea for a workshop. Fab xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

When I really lose patience and I put on 'The Teacher's Voice'over the phone whilst taking an authoritative standing position. it's amazing how quickly things get done.