Saturday, 29 November 2014

What's Hot and What's Not

Well, maybe it isn't as the weather just can't seem to make it's mind up. So much rain over the last few days has made the garden a bit of a soggy mess, with not too many flowers standing up to the deluge. But what is drawing, is me! Yep, it's back to the drawing board for something 'propa'. Lots of little bits and sketchbook studies have been fun to do, but the last few days I have been feeling somewhat bereft of something to get my teeth into. But first...

...what's in store? Well, after making a rather fine purchase of some delicious new colours from M.Graham and Daniel Smith, I have been itching to put them through their paces. Starting with the small study of dahlia buds last Saturday and the mistletoe this weekend, I was very impressed with the M. Graham colours, particularly the Perylene Maroon (Maroon Perylene as they call it), which is one of my personal favourite colours. The honey-based formula was lovely on the brush, had great flow qualities, with a beautifully creamy consistency, that gave a luminous, pigment-rich finish. Something else I have recently learnt about these colours is that they don't go hard. The honey maintains the usability of the paint, allowing it to be successfully re-wetted. So they will last for ages. These might very quickly become my new favourites.

M. Graham Azo Yellow, Pthalocyanine Blue and Maroon Perylene
Daniel Smith Quinacridone Gold, Anthraquinoid Red and Hansa Yellow Deep.
Winsor and Newton Indanthrene Blue 

Some of the new colours in the mixes for leaves and mistletoe 

Using the new colours in some sketchbook studies

These colours currently reside in my 'Rogues Gallery' of suspect colours
Brown Madder, Neutral Tint, Aureolin, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red and Cadmium Red Deep.

Just now I find myself not using these colours at all, favouring the more transparent colours.
Also, I have been trying to wean myself off the cadmium colours, and I can't say I really miss them.  

My good friend Sarah at, The Natural Year brought round her stunning studio box of colours to show me this week. A great resource, the box itself was cheap and cheerful and fitted out with custom sections for half-pans of colour. Buying the empty pans allows her to select which colours she wants in the box. Having purchased a similar box, I hope to do the same sort of thing. I will get empty half pans and refill them from my store of tube colours, keeping only the colours I need in the box. really looking forward to that little project, especially as I have had a sort out of my colours recently.

My new best friend

A get together with Sarah generally involves a fair amount of sharing, both of knowledge and kit. This time we swapped squidges of colour. Sarah was keen to give the M. Grahams a go and I was keen to try out the greens she had been discussing on her blog.

Swapping and sharing. Beautiful palette of trial colours from Sarah

The Reds: Anthraquinoid Red, Pyrrol Red, Transparent Pyrrol Orange and Perylene Scarlet

The Yellows: Sennelier Yellow Light, New Gamboge, Quinacridone Gold Deep

The Neutrals: Monte Amiata, Natural Sienna, Raw Umber and Piemontite Genuine

The Greens: Undersea Green, Green Appetite Genuine and Serpentine Genuine

All by Daniel Smith  

In the palette

Pthalocyanine Blue, Indanthrene Blue and Ultramarine
Quinacridone Gold, Sennelier Yellow Light, Scmincke transparent Yellow
Perylene Maroon, and a couple of reds that to my shame, I can't remember




shevaun said...

Isn't it fun to get new colours!! Mind you, I'm a bit partial to some of the colours in your rogue's gallery... brown madder can be a fabulous glazing colour! Still new paints and the prospect of new mixes is very inspiring!! Enjoy playing!

vi said...

hihi this is vi (duckhouse)
i love m graham, pretty much all i use.. i wake up the dried paint with a mist of distilled water and we're good to go
i just wish their line was bigger
but their quality is wonderful

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hello Vi, great to hear from you. That sounds like a good idea to give them a gentle mist. I'll give that a go. Yes, I wish their range was bigger too.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

ha ha, I agree Shevaun. The Brown Madder keeps making it's way out of the box. I will try it as a glaze too as that sounds like a nice way to use it. :)

Polly said...

Loving all those new colours Jarnie.

Another got here for Brown madder, it's a lovely colour to use and very useful for glazes, I find Onions like it.

You're going to love Anthraquinoid red I think, it's one of those must have colours.