Friday, 26 December 2014

A Year in Pictures

My goodness, I have been somewhat remiss of late, having not posted for over a week. So, with 2014 nearly over and with so many memorable moments, for this post I thought I would share with you some of the pictures that have summed up all that has been going on at Squirrel HQ. You never know, I might sneak in one last post for 2014, but here's a few of my 'Best Bits' for this year.  

New challenges

The Natural Sketchbook Exchange gets under way

A new piece for The Irish Society of Botanical Artists (ISBA)
Bramble, (section)
The SBA exhibition

Ready to go

Mission Control

Good luck chaps

Back in the saddle

It's back to the classroom as my workshops begin

From the autumn leaves class in October

New directions

Focus on flowers
A new series of 'little works' for the SBA

Technology lends a hand

Summertime brings happy news in the shape of full membership to the Society of Floral Painters (SFP) and acceptance to exhibit with the Royal Horticultural Society RHS

Summer, and the garden is abuzz

More sketchbooks

In print

Honoured to be asked to write a piece about the sketchbook exchange for the SFP Newsletter 

And in the studio

The first piece of furniture is moved into the new studio

Time with friends

Lovely days out 

Lots of new work and step-by-step blog posts

Some finishing touches

The studio is ready to welcome its first guests

A sunny aspect

A moment of calm
Moving on

Squirrel goes large as the workshops move on

A bit of festive fun

More workshops

Veggiebaubles from the December workshop 

Home for Christmas

Sunset over Epping Forest, east London

Whatever comes next, I'm ready for it. 


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You've had a great year! Such a great collections of works.