Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Yuletide Refusal

Although it's just two weeks to go before the festivities really get under way, I have been thinking on the next sketchbook piece with a New Year feel. With this one, rather than foraging about in the garden, I suspect I may have to forage the aisles of the local supermarket for a suitable subject. The garden is not at it's best in the winter, with only the snow berries giving their best, (and I've already done some of those).

Lovely hot reds and scarlets

After my happy foray into hot reds last week, I really want to get back to them and go for it with something else wonderfully red and velvety. Again, I had hoped that my Camellia 'Yuletide' may have come up with the goods this year, and much as I have nurtured it, the blooms have once again remained absent. I suspect I may have to write of my disappointment to Prince Charles, as it was indeed the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery that supplied it, (long story and desperate measures a few years ago). Perhaps he could pop on down and have a 'quiet word' with it, (by Royal Appointment as you might say). Anyway, wishful thinking aside, it's time to find something to get on the board.

My little camellia.
Lots of buds, but I suspect leaf buds rather than flowers

What it should be looking like now

Deep red, single blooms with a bright yellow centre,
combined with the dark green, glossy, make
camellia Yuletide the perfect winter subject.

Image care of Crocus

Reflecting on my new reds, I had a glance at the veg study I completed a while ago using cadmiums. Immediately I have noticed how with the chilli, the colours look flatter and little less luminescent. Although, I do still quite like Cadmium Red Deep, I am finding the alternatives much more appealing, and they mix better too.

Red Chilli using Cadmium Red, Cadmium Red Deep and Cadmium Yellow in the mixes

The reds and oranges used for the latest cherry tomato study
Quinacridone colours of red and orange mixed beautifully

Some of my new reds and yellows

As a reference, I always keep tracings of the original drawings alongside the mixes and colour notes.

This way, if I fancy another go, I don't have to go through all the mixes again. 

And lastly. Just for a bit of the unusual I found this Butchers Broom sprig with some leaf skeletons

Butchers Broom with ivy 


Claire said...

Wow, I love that Camelia, it's stunning, shame it's not flowering though.

shevaun said...

Lovely blogpost. I feel the same about cadmium red deep... It's a bit dull compared to all the fantastic reds out there!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Yes, I really wanted it to do well this year Claire. I will have to look up what to do with it to get it go.:) x

Oh, there's no going back now Shevaun. I just love these new colours I've been introduced to :) x

Kirsonara Llama Farm, Herb Garden & Clinic said...

Very interesting and informative blog, as usual. As I am still at the beginning of my botanical journey, I find your blogs so helpful