Friday, 2 January 2015

A Year in Sketchbooks

Well, it's here, 2015. Here we go again with another load of resolutions and another round of detox January. For me it's back to the gym and back to getting on with the next sketchbook for the exchange.

Started last January, The Natural Sketchbook Exchange is still going strong, with all members still present and correct and ideas still coming thick and fast. My style has always been a little eclectic and imperfect, with colour swatches, favourite prose and poetry, silly stuff and unfinished bits. A perfect sketchbook is a bit too intimidating for me, and I like to add a bit of fun, like the typography, especially for friends. Lots of people have asked me how I do the typography on these sketchbooks, and I am planning to do a little post on this.  

So, just as a little recap, and rather in the style of the last post, here's a round up of some of the pages I have completed for my lovely friends.

It'll be a while before I see my one again 

And off we go.
The start of something special.

Er, this might actually be in my one, but I can't remember

A little romance with soft pinks and blues

Seeds, periwinkle and memories of camping trips inspired this page.

Taking a different approach with snowy trees and milky, winter skies.
Working on a rougher textured paper helped give a bit of 'life' to the washes

At Easter, I couldn't resist adding a little bunny

For someone who keeps chickens what could better, than a chicken.

A little bonkers here as I added a leaf rubbing and song lyrics from Disney's Bambi
Drip, drip, drop little April showers...

And the living is easy.

Hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer

Honeysuckle and Shakespeare.

Winter approaches

Christmas needed the festive touch 

So what have I got in mind for the next lot. Simple answer. No idea darlings. For me, I tend to only know what I am going to do when the next book arrives. For each one I try to be a little personal, and maybe a bit 'left-field' with the extra details. Never one for convention, if a page needs a chicken or an orange tent, it'll get one.     


Polly said...

Jarnie, these are beautiful! Lovethe way you weave the letters in and the little quirky bits.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Polly. I love to make them like little scrapbook pages, with a little bit of everything going on.