Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Another Shambles with Brambles

Well, hopefully not quite a shambles of a painting, but a shambles as in the tangly, thorny, prickly subject that will once again be the subject of another 'Squirrel Spectacular'. Yes I know, I thought I had managed to escape the blighters too, but I have been asked to paint the brambles once more for a special little something, so paint I must.

Again, flowers, buds and berries will feature in a small but sinuous landscape composition, and I am beginning to have a fondness for the reddish thorns, and gloriously serrated leaves. So many artists seem to have an aversion to leaves, but I really enjoy mixing lots of greens and going for it with a teeny brush. Although, I mustn't get too carried away with the nibble holes.

Tracings of component parts.
Generally, I will draw from life, but sometimes I will get the main stems and nodes in, and slightly shift the leaves
about to get a better composition.

I always keep a master tracing of work that I have completed.
It's good to keep a record of progress, especially if tackling the same subject.

I use a fine Rotring pen to ink in the outline to make it easier to see on the lightbox.
I don't make these tracings too complex, leaving out finer details such as veins and serrations.
These I will put on the drawing in pencil once it's on the watercolour paper.

Adjustments can also be made without too much rubbing out.

For this one I am using Fabriano Artistico Extra White 

Elsewhere, I am just coming to terms with the daunting task of painting five more pieces for the SBA exhibition in 2016. Next year feels like a very long way off, but when you have deadlines to meet and lots of projects on the go, it will go by very, very quickly, believe me. So, with no time to waste, it's off to find the right things to do.

Looking at what's coming up in the garden, and subjects in paintings that I have seen recently and liked, I suspect purple clematis will once again take centre stage somewhere. Dark, rich and decadent mixes, with plenty of space for the flowers and buds to revel about in. I really like the idea of that one. With a vine-like subject I might have to go for a bigger canvas size, to get more of the character of the plant into the piece. For now though, I am doodling with lots of thumbnail sketches but yep, that'l be more leaves again then, and plenty of purple. Oh, and not forgetting Archie my Artichoke. It might be his time to shine.

Pinks and purples and pointy buds.

Archie makes a comeback!

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shevaun said...

Great to see you back in the saddle once more Jarnie! You do brambles so well!

Starr White said...

Is there a panel of judges that rotates, or are they pretty much the same cast of characters every year? I ask because it occurs to me that these sorts of panels usually have preferences for certain subjects or styles and you might look into their past track record to see what might tickle the fancy for them. ???? Just a thought :) Even if that's a rotten idea, I wish you the very best of luck. You certainly have the talent - no matter what 'they' say :)

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Starr. I think they rotate but really it was my own judgement and I should have known better. It just needed a bit more content. Maybe buds and a couple of leaves.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks Shevaun. x