Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Second Time Around

Crikey! it's been one hell of a week. After a couple of days planting up dahlia bulbs and sowing plenty of veggie seeds for the garden, it was time to settle back down to some painting. With everything starting to turn green outside it was nice to follow the lead, and mix some lovely fresh tones. or so I thought. This is not the post I had hoped to be posting this week.

Of course, painting is never that straightforward and after just an hour of starting the leaves, disaster struck! It happens to all of us, and an accident with a dropped brush loaded with green paint meant curtains for my painting. After many deep breaths, large amounts of cursing and swearing and an enormous cup of tea, (or two) I made the decision to start again. This is why it's good to have a master tracing immediately to hand. At least I didn't have to draw the whole thing out again.

The basic tracing saved me lots of times.
Of course, adding the serrations, fine details and adjustments took a but of time. 

Luckily some of my washes were ready to go too

As it is, I am only just now starting the leaves again, laying the initial washes and picking out the veins and highlights. Bramble leaves have lovely highlights with a colour contrast that crosses from bluish tones through to the freshest, brightest greens where they appear backlit and translucent. Hopefully I can reflect that quality. For the job, I am using Indanthrene Blue, Anthraquinoid Red and Lemon Yellow along with Ultramarine Light, Perylene Maroon and Sennelier Yellow Light.

Getting those tricky shadow tones all over again

Buds so tiny, it's best they are not to be rushed

Just catching up to where I was.

getting the initial washes on the leaves 

So, it's not always going to turn out well, and accidents do happen. The real trick, is to be prepared for that, not to lose your head over it, and have a couple of shortcuts at hand, ready to help you get back on track. Although, I really hope that second time around will be the last time around for this one.



Claire said...

Whoops! You will be able to paint brambles in your sleep soon Jarnie!! :)
Speaking of accidents! I knocked over my horse chestnut twigs the other day in the studio, water everywhere, but fortunately not on the paintings! Still large screams and swearing echoed round the house!! ;) xxx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

A lucky escape there. Well, the blessing is that it happened early enough for me to start again. Being extra careful now.

shevaun said...

Oh no! Sometimes though second time round can be better, although it's an annoying way to improve a painting!! Thank God you had the master tracing. X

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Oh yes Shevaun, it's one of the first pieces f advice that I always pass on. Best way to avoid tears

Janene said...

The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I decided to put the painting away until I am not so disgusted anymore, although I do have a master drawing that I can use when the time comes. At least I can use the scrap paper for color mixing tests. Your next rendition looks really good!