Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Out in the Country (again)

As you may know, I was off on my jolly travels again on Friday to teach a workshop at the lovely Roots, Shoots and Leaves in Durley. Francoise and her husband are so welcoming, and although I arrived early to set up, I was invited into their kitchen for tea and a chat, (and a sneaky peek at what we would be having for lunch).

We were a smallish class this time, but no less enthusiastic. And, after a lovely garden tour with Francoise, we all headed for the warm, light, and airy workshop to get going. The subject for the day was a beautiful white tulip, flashed with bright green. White flowers can be tricky as an introduction to botanical painting, but with the green playing a dominant part along with the rich, creamy colour of the petals, I thought this would be a nice challenge. 

After completing a light but accurate drawing, it was time to test the colours.
Mixing the neutrals for the tulip

The creamy white was mixed with Sennelier Yellow Light and a touch of Perylene Maroon
The warm grey for the neutral was mixed using the creamy yellow with a touch of Ultramarine Light

Keep at it, you're doing a fabulous job.

Laying on the green and learning new dry-brush techniques

The bright, fresh green was mixed using the Ultramarine Light and Sennelier Yellow Light
along with a touch of Perylene Maroon. 

Hmm, this is a great still life

Broad beans and garlic where made into a delicious topping for our Bruschetta starter
Cor, these look fabulous.
Orange cupcakes, with an unexpected ingredient, Kale!
Surprising, but totally delicious

Recipe from Veggie Deserts 

For a first ever attempt at botanical watercolour, this is not at all bad.

The tricky technique for the stem was given a test drive first, to get a feel for it. 

Luckily, I've been invited back in June, so I must have done something right. And there's currently a discount on the workshop, so if you fancy joining us, Click Here  

All photos reproduced with kind permission of F Murat.


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Starr White said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun!! How I would love to attend a workshop like this!