Thursday, 28 May 2015

Back on the Blogosphere

How long is long enough when it comes to taking a break from work due to illness or surgery? It's difficult when you work from home in the creative arts, as most people think the act of painting is a relaxing, therapeutic activity in itself. "Do a bit of painting and you'll feel right as ninepence". Erm, not when you're at it for the best part of nine hours a day to finish a piece on time. No-one would ask a teacher to, "do a bit of teaching and you'll feel fabulous!". See what I mean.

Anyway, as you have guessed, I have plenty of time just now to contemplate such dilemmas as I am on a bit of an enforced sabbatical from my work. It's frustrating really, as I am really keen to get the Bramble Paradise finished and get on to something new. The bearded iris in the garden are looking gorgeous.  

Since my 'appointment' nearly two weeks ago, I have been good for just about nothing. Even lifting the kettle, or taking a short turn round the garden is a trauma, and for me that's bad. Tea and the scent of roses are the breath of life in my view, and like many a Brit, life is better with tea in hand whilst taking a stroll round the garden. So, painting has definitely been off the agenda for the last few days, but now I'm getting so incredibly bored and really want to have just a little tickle on those berries. Oh go on, can't I just have a little go?

The folded back leaf has lots of light on the surface and veining on the back.

Keeping the rounded look of the leaf and marking in the delicate pattern of the veins 

So, last week I felt just okay enough to have about 20 minutes at the desk each day. I've even put the timer on so I don't get carried away. Sounds lame, but if I don't look after me, who's going to finish it? So, little and often with lots of tea is the new mantra to get me back into the swing without defying the Doc and getting her all cross, (she's scary when she's cross that one). And at the end of the day, I really, really, REALLY want to get better, (and not just in the painterly sense).

Managed to finish the last of the main clusters of leaves, and got a light first wash on the youngest leaves. That tricky folded leaf was a challenge, but that's done too. Stems next, with lots of brownish- maroon mixes using my favourite Perylene Maroon, then the thorns. Really want to get the berries started, so onto those next. Lots of purply-dark mixes using all my favourite usual suspects will be involved here, but I must take care to preserve a good amount of bright highlight. Can't lose that lovely, full-as-a-bouncy-castle and shiny as bubble-wrap appearance.

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Dianne Sutherland said...

Looking great!! Little n often.... Sounds like a good recipe to me! and you saved the fruit for pudding!

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Beautiful work, Jarnie - sorry to hear you haven't been well and are recovering from surgery. Hope each day brings more relief - the painting is lovely, sometimes it's good to take our time and have enforced breaks from the expectation of continually producing. Best wishes x

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're not one hundred percent just yet. Sometimes we're forced to take better care when we need to. Getting well is a priority. Relax, obey doctor's orders, and you will be yourself again in good time. :) I learned this lesson the hard way.

Such lovely work. It can wait although I look forward to seeing the final image.

Be well.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thanks for you kind comments and good wishes folks. Really pleased to have this one nearly finished, but also taking lots of care too. :) x