Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Seed Bank

'Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.'

Debby Boone

'Tis the season of ,'mellow fruitfulness', or so the saying goes. With September comes the last of the summer blooms and the abundance of my courgettes and tomatoes. Fro some reason, whenever I think of September I think of the first day back at school and my dad picking one of the Worcester Pearmain apples from the tree in our garden for my lunch. It seemed that dad was making sure there was something reassuring and homely to soothe those first day nerves. Well, that's what I have always thought and daren't break that little bubble by asking him. 

They may not be the most perfect of specimens,
but from my own garden, they will be delicious 
Just now there are some lovely things to find other than apples in the garden. With many of the early spring and summer flowers well and truly over, there are many ripening seed heads to be foraged. I love collecting seeds, and always end up with tons of envelopes full of seeds, although quite often I forget to label them and and have no idea what they are until I plant them out the following spring.

Envelopes of seeds for next year.
Lupins, marigolds, cosmos and antirrhinums, (or 'bunny rabbits').
Well at least I won't forget the dahlia cuttings I took earlier this year. 

The architectural nature of some seed heads can be really spectacular and really make interesting subjects for paintings. Forget the dried up, crusty, brown boring poor relations of the plant world, look closely and there are great shapes, surprising colours and long lasting structures that are as beautiful as the flowers they once bore.

Two of my favourite Alliums also have great seed heads.
Christophii and Sensation.
You can also spray them with silver spray paint to make fabulous Christmas decorations

Poppies are always welcome and behave themselves beautifully when you want to paint them.

A quick sketchbook study and colour notes.

Lilacs, blues as well as the warm yellows and browns feature here

A collection of curiosities.
And a few more to try

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