Monday, 4 January 2016

New Direction

With the arrival of January comes all the usual promises of change for the new year. Well, not this time, a lovely friend hit the nail right on the head when she came out with this one, and I have to agree with her, and will certainly endeavour to follow the advice. 

"every year we make a resolution to CHANGE ourselves. 

This year make a resolution to BE yourself"

The finished Chili painting for the first video tutorial

The first video tutorial is now all wrapped up, so things are bobbing along quite nicely in that department, along with the build for the website and the new series of 'The Botanical Year' sketchbook study days about to get going, I'm looking forward to a creative start to the year. 

Here's a sneaky peek at the process, vastly speeded up of course, my hands aren't that fast. Sometimes, I wish they were. Bit of fun though.

The Botanical Year page is also up and running here on the blog too. Over the months there will be loads of updates from my sketchbook pages, along with thoughts and observations.  

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