Friday, 5 February 2016

On the Tube

Well, that was pretty bonkers I must say. Having published my first little videos onto You Tube, I have been quite overwhelmed by the positive response from everyone. You've all been fantastic. I couldn't quite imagine that my first little attempts would be of great interest to anyone, apart from supportive friends and the ever loyal family, but with nearly 400 views between them, and more on Facebook, I'm speechless.

As many of you know, my biggest wish is for everyone to really enjoy what they do, and to get immense pleasure from painting. Sharing my trials and errors through the blog has helped me get over numerous hurdles over the years, and I have kept nothing back. If it's been a complete disaster, you've known about it, if it's been a great success, you've heard about that too, (if a little quieter), and of course there are always the tips and techniques I've picked up along the way.

I'm not the world's greatest trumpet blower, and 'Husband' is always telling me that I should be more assertive, well this time I am. Thank you for coming to my You Tube channel, and to those of you who have already subscribed, I couldn't be more delighted. It's early days of course, but there's loads more to come.

To me, it's a way to give something back, to say thank you, and to give you a little gift from me. All the full length tutorials from the subscription site will have a little accompanying 'mini-technique' video, that will be free to everyone on You Tube.   

Sign up for The Sketchbook Squirrel Channel on You Tube for the mini-tutorials, technique videos and the occasional Vlog from me. It will be lovely to see you.

Follow the link to join in - Yes Please 

Now then...

Section of 'Gone but not Forgotten - Peony Seedhead'

...Elsewhere, it's showtime! Yes, it's that time of year again, and before I get totally carried away with the heady world of videos, there's the day job to get on with. Five new paintings, (well, sort of as you've seen them all already) are framed and ready to go to Westminster in a few weeks time. It's been a long haul this time around, and I am really hoping the selection panel like them, as it's membership selection time too. Second time lucky, so wish me luck.

Here are four of the paintings that will be enjoying a London Tube ride later this month, (including the peony pictured above).

'Gone Conker'

'Fade to Grey - Tulip'

Section of 'Bramble Paradise

Next up? The daunting prospect that is, painting a series of works for the RHS. I'm going to really need you guys methinks, (along with plenty of tea).


Claire said...

Brilliant Jarnie,good luck with the Sba. I loved your chilli vid, inspiring and I look forward to more xx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Thank you Claire that's really kind of you. The first one is always the most nerve-wracking to do x