Monday, 1 February 2016

The Technique Tool Box

Having an armoury of techniques for every aspect of our paintings is something all artists strive for. Picking up hints and tips from here and there as we go along our way and making our own discoveries through trial and error are all part of the process. However, it is always nice when someone points you in the right direction and gives you a new technique to add to your own 'tool box'

Over the years I have been lucky to gain knowledge on getting a better result for my paintings from fellow artists, reading books and following blogs, advice from friends, and my own effort of trial and error. For my tutorials I always ensure I include a tip sheet and troubleshooting advice for my students to follow during their day, and this is something I plan to continue on my new website.

The Technique Tool Box will be a series of videos on the new website, giving plenty of advice on which brushes to choose, the colours I love and all the techniques I use in my own work.

Some of the tutorials will also be available as bitesized technique videos, where I will focus on one aspect of the subject. To get us started, here's how I got the lovely shiny finish on the chili. (This time not so super-fast and with a step-by-step narration too.

Little Red Chili


Inky Leaves said...

Great video Jarnie!

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Aww bless you darling. Thanks x