Thursday, 12 May 2016

Peek of the Week

All this week on social media, I have been releasing little snippets from the new website using the hashtag #peekoftheweek. As someone who creates visual art, it's a funny thing to be living in a time when everything is measured by it's visual impact. Selfies, 'here I am on holiday' and, this is my cat / dog / children / hamster doing something funny pictures or videos posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook can all go viral in a matter of seconds  if it hits the right note. The mind boggles.

My new logo


Some of the media 'in crowd' are even saying that we are near a time where websites themselves will become a thing of the past and unless there is something else on offer other than 'here I am and this is what I do' type pages, there will be no point in having a website at all. For myself, I have found much more of my traffic and conversations taking place on other online platforms. The immediacy of being able to chat to people on a more personal basis is much more appealing.

What's on offer? A subscription membership website with lots of step-by-step videos.

The new website will be more community orientated, offering a platform for learning in an informal and relaxed way. Many artists are offering all styles of online learning, and I guess it's because we all have this need to pass on our knowledge and reach a wider audience. Well, it is for me anyway, and unless I can actually interact with the people who choose to learn with me, it loses something and becomes more of a business.

What else will I get if I join? Plenty of extras including my Technique Tool Box videos of tips, Masterclass projects and more. There's been lots of hard work to make sure there is plenty of content, to keep everyone who joins happily busy and painting.

Journey is not how I would describe the creation of my new baby, after all, I haven't actually been anywhere. But it has certainly been a learning curve with ups and downs along the creative way. There is so much more to it than you can ever expect. But here, at last are some of the elements that will welcome visitors to my new site. Launch date coming soon  

And not forgetting the old favourites. The blog has it's own update sections, and you can still sign up for The Squirrel Archives.

Please note that all web pages are currently under construction and some images / content may be different to what is shown here.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

You need to include links to the pages. If you have done I can't see them.

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

Hi Katherine. The new website isn't live just yet so I can't include any links. The web address will be the same as my current site at, but I will write another post at launch, with all the live links