Friday, 4 August 2017

Crikey! It's August...'s August already! Where did this year go, and where did all that blogging time go?

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.'

 Rabindranath Tagore

Oh to be like the butterfly, with time enough to do everything that is needed in the time we have in a day. Busy months have kept me from the blogosphere, and that has made me just a little sad, but also cheery in the delight that the website is going from strength to strength, and I have been given lovely opportunities to share my love of botanical painting with a wider audience. Now I'm back, and here's a bit about what I have been up to.

Since February there have been many, many online tutorial projects, a couple of magazine articles, and more changes. Celebrating our first birthday back in July, there are now 12 full step-by-step tutorials on the Botanical so Beautiful website, and 6 Sketchbook in Practice exercises for members to choose from, and it has been lovely to welcome lots of new subscribers, and to see their work, and follow their progress online. We may not ever meet in person, but it still feels like a wonderfully creative community.   

Reading the last words I wrote back then, I was so excited by having hundreds of new followers on YouTube, a growing Instagram community connection, and lots of new subscribers to the website, I can see I really wasn't quite prepared for what was to come. Hence the absence. All I can say is that it has been one crazy, wild, rollercoaster ride of a time already this year, and I have loved every mad minute of it. If you are one of those people who have climbed right on board, thank you so much for adding your presence to my crazy life. Bring it on.  

The family photo of year one from Botanical so Beautiful

A very mixed selection of subjects with many suitable for beginners,

and a few in there that are more challenging and aimed at the more experienced student

Along with Botanical so Beautiful I was delighted to have been asked to prepare a couple of pieces for Paint & Draw magazine and Leisure Painter here in the UK. Paint & Draw asked me to share some of my tips and techniques, and I was delighted to demonstrate a quick wet-in-wet exercise for a single petal, and shared a couple of practical tips from the studio.

For Leisure Painter I was asked to complete a full step-by-step tutorial for a flower study. Choosing an enlarged study of a purple Bearded Iris, I was delighted to see that the editor chose my painting to feature on the cover, and was impressed by the positive comments the article received on publication in their Summer edition. it was such a wonderful experience to be involved in both of these projects, and was great fun for me too.

A little something for Paint & Draw magazine

Then it was onto Leisure Painter magazine

and this time a full tutorial.

Really excited and surprised to see my Iris on the cover

It was celebrations all round with a strawberry Daquiri

and a flick through the magazine

The last You Tube video I shared from the channel last time around was the rosehip that I had just completed. Gosh, there have been so many lovely paintings since then, and I have continued to share the technique preview videos for each tutorial on the channel, ready for everyone to take a peek at.  

For the Iris painting, I have also put together a You Tube video of the process, sharing tips and techniques of my approach to a big project. Take a peek, and keep your eye out for the next one on a juicy raspberry coming next week. 

The very latest painting for Botanical so Beautiful is this bigger than life Juicy Raspberry

It's always difficult to choose a favourite, but this one has come pretty close.

Check out the YT Channel next week for the preview technique video

And before I go...

With promises of not leaving you all for so long next time, I'll be starting a major project that I hope to share the progress of as I go along. Not an article, and not for the website, this one is a biggie, and has been on the board for some time...

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